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Цена: 4.300,00 ден.
Цена: 3.500,00 ден.


Van-Grip | 165/70 R 14 C 6PR 89/87R TL

Цена: 6.300,00 ден.

Сезона: Зимска
Брзински индекс: до 170 km/h
Ширина: 165 Профил: 70 Дијаметар: 14"

Van-Grip | 175/65 R 14 C 6PR 90/88T TL

Цена: 6.200,00 ден.

Сезона: Зимска
Брзински индекс: до 190 km/h
Ширина: 175 Профил: 65 Дијаметар: 14"

Van-Grip | 185/80 R 14 C 8PR 102/100Q TL

Цена: 4.800,00 ден.

Сезона: Зимска
Брзински индекс: до 160 km/h
Ширина: 185 Профил: 80 Дијаметар: 14"

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The Van-Grip is the top performer when it comes to shifting loads. This dedicated snow tire has lots of extra sipes (2) for excellent traction in snow and ice. Three circumferential grooves (1) channel water away quickly, providing additional aquaplaning protection. The newly-developed, tough scuff rib means extra rubber in the tire sidewall. This provides greater protection against kerbstone scuffing. And with its flat contour (3) and even wear, the new Van-Grip offers you exceptionally high mileage performance for your money. Ideal for all those who like to take a relaxed approach to the winter.


  • ул: Перо Наков бр. 31
    1000 Скопје, Македонија
  • 078 233 313 | 078 339 688
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