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Цена: 4.300,00 ден.
Цена: 3.500,00 ден.


Polaris 3 | 235/60 R 18 107H TL XL FR

Цена: 11.500,00 ден.

Сезона: Зимска
Брзински индекс: до 210 km/h
Ширина: 235 Профил: 60 Дијаметар: 18"

Polaris 3 | 255/55 R 18 109H TL XL

Цена: 11.300,00 ден.

Сезона: Зимска
Брзински индекс: до 210 km/h
Ширина: 255 Профил: 55 Дијаметар: 18"

  1. Сертификати
  2. Технички податоци
    Rolling resistance
  • Feature: Additional groove in the shoulder lugs
  • Effect: Reduction in tensionwithin the tread
  • Benefit: Low rolling resistance, resulting in reduced fuel consumption
    Handling in the wet
  • Feature: Large shoulder lugs with additional longitudinal groove
  • Effect: Lugs remain stable, groove creates windscreen wiper effect
  • Benefit: Improved handling in the wet
    Traction/Braking in snow
  • Feature: 'Snow catcher' along the longitudinal grooves
  • Effect: Good grip in snow, snow catcher stops the snow from slipping through the groove
  • Benefit: Optimised setting-off and braking in snow
    Mileage performance
  • Feature: Sipes of different depths at an angle to the lug edge (lateral to snow)
  • Effect: Optimised distribution of stiffness within a lug element
  • Benefit: Low wear means high mileage performance


  • ул: Перо Наков бр. 31
    1000 Скопје, Македонија
  • 078 233 313 | 078 339 688
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